Lithuania Tourist Visa

Lithuania tourist visa is issued for up to 90 days. As Lithuania is part of Schengen Zone this type of visa allows travel to other countries of Schengen treaty without visa as long as your Lithuania visa is valid. Visa application can be submitted in the Embassy of Lithuania or Embassy of one of Schengen countries that treats visas on behalf of Lithuania. Lithuannia should be the country of the main destination and interest when you apply for visa. You may be asked for evidence when you do the application.

Lithuania Visa Requirements (General Schengen Visa Requirements)

  • Valid passport. The passport should have stamp-free pages to affix the visa. The documents should be valid for 3 months after the end of visa.
  • 2 passport sized photos.
  • Visa application form filled by applicant and signed.
  • Documents that specify purpose of your visit(hotel booking, visit motivation or private invitation).
  • Proof of sufficient means of subsistence that cover your stay.
  • Health insurance policy with the minimum cover of EUR 30,000.
  • Proofs of connection with homecountry may be requested. This prrof is needed as guarantee of returning home.
  • Travel arrangements organized: usually ticket booking is used to show this fact.

Lithuania Visa Application Facts:

1. Airline tickets needed? -Yes.
2. Visa on arrival possible? -No.
3. Online application possible? -No.
4. Original Invitation, insurance and hotel booking required? -Yes.
5. Documents processing time? -3 business days.