Prices & Payments

Prices for tours, visa support, hotel transfers, insurance quotes are set based on many conditions:

  • Time of the year. During summer starting from June to end of August and during Christmas/ New Year time prices for hotel stay tend to be more expensive. Though if hotel is booked in advance then the price can be much lower.
  • Hotel transfers are cheaper if they are ordered at least 2 days in advance.
  • Insurance quotes based on the services included, but usually cover the minimum required sum.
  • Group requests can always be offered at lower rates. Feel free to ask for a discount if you travel in a group of 3 or more people.

Payment options accepted are:

  • Bank transfer. This is the most secure and comfortable way of payment.
  • Western Union & MoneyGram are accepted if bank transfer is not possible.
  • Paypal, Liberty Reserve and other internet payment can be accepted upon agreement.
  • Credit Cards are accepted only from returning clients for security reasons.

We always ask for prepayment of our services. In some cases, if visitors travel in a group or come from our partners we can accept just a deposit and delay on payment.